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Geselecteerde veiling:Peter van der Haar, Staphorst

Peter van der Haar, Staphorst
Naam:Peter van der Haar, Staphorst

Peter van der Haar. Staphorst


Peter van der Haar for years has been amongst one of the strongest lofts in the Staphorst community. Jus imagine a club with over 60 member racing week after week with a quarters of them being youth members. A real stronghold in the south of the ever so strong ‘Afdeling 10’ in which the Koopman team are the best known competition in the area. A pigeonclub in an area of 2x2 km, with most of the time basketting more than 1,000 birds, mainly following the program races untill 600km. Were the strongese coupames A couple of years ago Henk decided he wanted to be amongs the best and invested greatly in the best he could lay his hands on. Succes did come flying, big wins against great competition plus excellent total results came its way to Staphorst.

In this auction we offer amongst others the ‘Inteelt 77’ father to 6th NPO Niergnies against 10,612 birds, from the best lines of legendary ‘Kannibaal’ of Dirk van Dyck and ‘Annelies’ of Gerard Koopman. Next up is ‘Quatro six’ a direct son to the magnificent ‘Blauwe Superman’ winner of 6th NPO against 13,899 birds and 7th NPO against 10,582 birds and who is (grand)father to the winners of 1st against 10,162 birds, 5th, 8th and 10th NPO, an amazing feat. Furthermore ‘Dochter Teletext’ direct daughter to magnificent ‘Black Star’ winner of 4th NPO Chalons, 5th NPO Gien, 8th NPO Heusden plus 10th prov. Duffel against 11,936 birds.


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