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Geselecteerde veiling:Johan de Ruy - Galazka, Zwalm

Johan de Ruy - Galazka, Zwalm
Naam:Johan de Ruy - Galazka, Zwalm

Johan de Ruy - Galazka, Zwalm


The Ruy Galazka

For years now the partnership of Johan de Ruy and Agnieska Galazka from the small village of Mielegem have been amongst some of the best Belgian long distance lofts. Since their step up from middle distance racing to the Belgian nationals in 2006, they have won many top 100 positions on the highest level of racing from 400 untill 1000 km. Just to give you a glimps of their top results: 1st Nat. Zone St.Vincent, 2nd Nat.Irun, 7th Nat. St.Vincent, 10th Nat. St.Vincent, 10th Nat. Narbonne, 16th Nat. Bourges YB, 24th Nat. Jarnac, 27th Nat. Limoges and so on. With such top class results ofcourse many championships have been won as well including being crowned as 10th Nat Long distance champions of LCB in 2017.


Johan and Agnieska race a team of 24 widowers, old plus yearlings, and a team of some 50/60  youngsters, so definately not a big colony they face their competition with. The old birds race on the nationals only and the yearlings will be raced untill Limoges, and the young cocks untill the national from Bourges only. The young hens have to race all national races for youngsters. The family of pigeons they race are based on the best from just a few topclass well known lofts: Rudy De Saer via Team BDS, the magnificent Vandenabeele’s through Dominique Velge, Chris Hebberecht, Luc van Coppenolle, Noël Peiren and from the Belgian late legend Etienne Devos of Deerlijk. As can see for yourself only the best is good enough


In this small and exclusive auction we offer you the national topclass racer ‘Blauwe Bambi’ winner of 25th Nat. Zone Tulle, 83rd Nat. Tulle, 114th Nat. Jarnac. Besides a granddaughter to the famous ‘Witpen Rivaldo’ 1st Nat. Ace pigeon extreme Long distance KBDB, plus four grandchildren of the magnificent ‘Golden Rudy’, also direct from tophen ‘Aleksandra’


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